Layla, source of "Wisdom Within" would like to thank the following people for being part of "Women Inspiring Women Worldwide" DVD Vision.


Thank you to all the past participants and speakers that have been at the retreats since 2003. Without all of you this vision would not have come to this place where we can contribute to women worldwide. Also to my Sterling women's team, Family of Women, who encouraged me to organize my first retreat (


Thank you to my husband Bruce Hull, who has taught me it is safe to express myself from my heart and to notice when I am making men wrong and take responsibility for my relationships. To really have a partner that inspires me to live my Vision.


Thank you to my Family, as I am truly blessed, and my daughter "Tanya" who is my "Inspiration" who lives in Australia and has travelled many of the beaches of the world and lives in total Abundance. To all the women in my life that have Inspired me to share from my heart and live my Purpose as they have shared their hearts and visions with me as well and supported me on this journey.


Thank you to: Jean McKee who started me on my journey of personal growth (1986) by sharing the Center For Self-Awareness ( my spiritual growth and also Landmark Education, ( where I saw the possibility of making a difference with Women in 1992 and out of all the participation I have done with Landmark Education I created "Wisdom Within" as I learned "anything is possible" and my "First Job in Life is to have a Great Life"; also to find a purpose that lights me up that I can use to empower myself and others - that purpose is "Women Inspiring Women Worldwide". I don't have to do it alone or know how to do it - but to keep sharing myself fully and take a stand for that possibility in the world. Several of the women on this DVD have taken the "Landmark Forum".


Thank you Landmark Education for my Great Life, my amazing community and the opportunity for On-going Growth and Development and for being the source of my being able to contribute back to the world.


Thank you to Lori-anne Demers, my best friend since 1986, who couldn't join us. We met through Landmark Education. She leads her own "Passion & Power" retreats where I received my spiritual name, "Layla". This empowers me to allow "what wants to happen through Layla" not through "Gail" the individual. It is the "purpose" that is bigger that wants to happen through us. (


I want to thank all my friends who shared this magical experience with me today, and contributed to this DVD with their authenticity and sharing their lives and gifts with us.


Sasha Star - who taught me to find my "inner goddess" and for leading us in Meditation and teaching us "all there is, is this moment and to be present in it, to trust and listen to our intuition" such a wise old soul.


Jen Ziebart, Life Designer, Empower Inquiry, for an amazing example of Goal Setting and Vision Board - "when we are clear what we want - we can achieve it". (250-882-7074)


Deb Connolly for sharing her "Vision Board" and living a "created life" that is amazing.


Grace Gerry, CPCA Coach & Facilitator - Graceful Solutions - "Emotional Fitness" Stress Reduction for the Busy Woman -


Wendy Foster, Coach, Facilitator, RPC EFT Practitioner - tapping exercise to release anything we want to let go of -


Rachel Quigg, Intrinsic Motion, Life Coach, Topic on "People Pleaser" 250 888-9894


"Vivien, little star" for being my support and attending all but one of the retreats. Our Tahitian goddess that shines her light always and brings love, joy and play. She has been a true friend for over 25 years,


Karen Boissonneault, Certified Nia White Belt, who offers Nia at the retreats and gives us access to movement, being present and playful in our bodies to accessing the goddess within.


Shriley Grife, a true example of a whole new world and life that opens up when you surround yourself with amazing women.


Catrina Persoon, a true goddess full of love, inspiration and beauty.


Susan Maclaren, an example of authenticity, vulnerability and enthusiasm - someone you just want to have fun with.


Marilyn Rose, who shares her gift of singing and music that touches all our hearts and souls. To purchase her CD - Spirit Whispers, please see her website at ( See her on stage with Billy Ray Cyrus at Farm Aid. She also wrote a song for Canadian Paraplegic Association - Rick Hanson's Tour - see other amazing things she has been up to as well.


Johanna St. Michael, my support from the beginning as my graphic designer, website designer, participant, business support and great friend. She couldn't join us as she gave birth to Isabella, the day after the DVD taping. Without her inspiration I wouldn't have had the tools to create all this.


A Special thank you to Jen Brown, who I met at Fitness World and shared my Vision of capturing "Women Inspiring Women Worldwide" on DVD to share with the world. Jen is truly an inspiration as a full time student at the film school, as well as working full time to make her dreams come true. She shared my Vision with David Mills, director, who offered us this opportunity to reach women worldwide and make a difference. Thank you David for your expertise. I also want to thank the V.M.P.S. crew, mostly men, for making our recording fun, playful and experiencing the "behind the scenes work it takes to produce a DVD".


Thank you to all the Women Watching this DVD, please feel free to share it as much as you want to help us reach women in all parts of the world. Share your feedback with us - send in YOUR "Women Inspiring Women Worldwide" STORIES for our book - our next project is to reach women worldwide. I believe all women have an Inspiring Story to share - and that is how we grow - by listening and learning from each other. See more details on our websites.


Please visit us at: and


Sincere Gratitude from:

Layla - "Wisdom Within Workshops & Retreats" 250-479-2801 207-485 Island Highway

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, V9B 5H7