Birthday Wishes & Testimonial - Sasha Star - Goddess

Hi Gail,Layla

Sasha-Star wrote: "♥ Today is a special day, because it is the birthday of a woman who is very near and dear to my heart. I wanted to remind her how amazing she is and acknowledge what a difference she made in my life, and I thought at the same time, I'd tell you about her and how she's played a huge role in my journey and the work I do. She is a person who embodies an energy straight from Source, and she makes a most beautiful positive difference in the world, especially in the lives of women who are ready to heal, awaken and rise into their full power.
Sometimes in life we meet people who enter our world like beloved old friends, gentle guides, inspirational catalysts and unintentional mentors. My dear Goddess sister/mother/friend Gail/Layla was that for me when I met her, over a decade ago.

At the time I was in my early 20‘s, and deeply immersed in my powerful path of personal healing, learning, growth, transformation and evolution. I had a private hobby practice that I loved, but I was not yet involved in leading or facilitating group work. Through some sort of serendipitous happening, I was given an amazing and life changing gift when someone recommended to Gail that she contact me to potentially be a part of the Women Inspiring Women Retreats and Workshops she was creating.

I was always inspired by my driving desire to be in and share and create sacred evolutionary space in which people could be real, vulnerable, intimate, authentic...supported and empowered to heal and be their whole selves and live their full potential - and I felt the calling to expand my reach, but I had no idea what exactly that looked like or where my path was going to lead me.

But I was called - and quite literally! - by Gail, this powerful amazing women I had not yet even met - and with a huge heart full of excitement and an equal (perhaps even larger) amount of fear, (I was TERRIFIED!), that was how I began the most amazing journey of leading women in circle. There was no way I would have guessed we would go on to co-create Goddess Retreats together, or a Women Inspiring Women Worldwide DVD for that matter, but so goes the magic of life, when Goddesses connect and support one another! And especially when such goddesses are as fiery, inspirational and on purpose as this lady I speak of!

To have been taken under the wing of a woman who was so radiantly unstoppable, so inspiring and successful, who truly believed in me and saw my gifts, ones even i was not yet fully able to see or embody, and who helped me to find my courage and gain confidence, despite my fear, so I could begin to allow more of the gifts of my true self to emerge and deeply touch the lives of so many more people than I knew possible, is something I will forever be grateful for.

Gail, you ever-so-enthusiastically affirmed and reflected my bright shining light in such a way that I could not deny my true soul’s calling, you created sacred space and surrounded me with amazing women and there was just no way i couldn’t move forward into my destiny, true wisdom and power, no matter how scared I always was.
But you had a way of asking me to step up, again and again, that was so genuinely beautiful, that was more just a matter-of factly “why of course you should do this -this is just what’s meant to be” kinda invitation, and simultaneously so full of love and support it was impossible not to rise and meet you, meet myself, meet others. You gave me the most amazing playing field in which I got to truly turn in and learn to lead groups, from my heart.

So I want to say thank you Gail, on behalf of myself and all the women you have brought together whose lives you have touched, thank you for being vulnerable, for standing up in your power and living your truth, your passions, your purpose and sharing your gifts and manifesting your dreams in our world. Thank you for giving us all permission to do the same. True to your ‘Landmark Education’ background, you “touched, moved and inspired” me, that’s for sure!

You were the first one who opened my eyes, my heart, my soul to remember the pure magic of what can happen when women come together in sacred space. YOU have played a most magnificent role in my life and work, and your ripples of love and inspiring energy, your enthusiasm and honesty and deep feminine beauty and heart-felt deeply determined desire to make a difference in the world touch the lives of so many more than you could ever know. You are a true gift to our world.

So for all of these and so many more reasons I say thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul, and I celebrate you dear Goddess, today and always!
You have an amazing gift, that comes through in infinite ways, just by being you and doing what you do. All the Women Inspiring Women Workshops and Goddess Retreats I had the pleasure and honour of being a part of and co-creating with you were some of the most cherished and rich experiences of my life and a huge part of the foundation of what all has come for me since then, and what all I know I will continue to go on to create in these exciting times!
So may you continue to do the beautiful work you are here to do, and may the bright fire in your heart only grow ever brighter and stronger and continue to ignite the hearts of all those you meet.
You Are Love!
And I love you dearly! Happy Birthday Goddess Extraordinaire!
xoxoxoxox ♥ Sasha

♥ PS: Anyone who is interested in learning more about
Gail Hull aka Layla, and the wonderful women's retreats she offers around the world can visit her website: www.wisdomwithin.ca"

Don't Tap - Don't Ring Doorbell.... BANG on the Door and Open It.... Come in and Meet YOUR SELF..... You will love it..... SELF......Shirl


I want to thank each and every one of you for making this week-end exceptional for me in every way. As I was saying to Gail, I had no idea what a goddess retreat was all about -- now I do -- it's a place where women join in a sacred cirle to express love. I am bursting with love and gratitude. May the light and love we experienced this weekend continue to grow in your hearts with every passing day. Namaste. June


Enter the weary heart wanting to fulfill her higher purpose for the benefit of the Goddesses - in - women she was about the meet. But Women Inspiring Women Worldwide is not about one woman alone - it is about coming together to enhance the Life Energy - experience - expression of the Circle so that each woman's light in the circle is up lifted, healed, honoured and enjoyed. All needs are met whether it is the need for solitude, support appreciation, healing, and acceptance of the gifts each Goddess - woman brings from a heart filled with Love and Well Being. Women in their Inspired nature are vessels of loving kindness over flowing into each other's spirits creating Oneness.... Thank you for this Gift of Peace.... Michel

You put on the most wonderful retreat. I feel rejunevated and relaxed and priviledged to have met such interesting and fabulous women. I've been sharing with my friends and I have someone for you to add to your mailing list who is interested in Women inspiring women: Patricia Cameron. She is my group leader in the Money seminar. She is Canadian and born in Victoria. Love Barbara


Hi - I am Lorie - Gail is my Sister... Gail has been holding women's retreats for 4 years... Gail lives in Victoria, BC and I live in Drayton Valley, Alberta - you believe I had not gone to any of her retreats until this year? Even though she would share all of the incredible things that were going on during them and how it was changing lives. Well, she finally came to do a retreat here in June, 2007 I was trying to get women to come to the retreat but I really didn't know what to expect myself so I couldn't really explain it to other women. I went to the retreat in June and all I can say is WOW! What took me so long? I could kick myself... it is unbelievable the support form all the women there, no jealousy, no one trying to outdo each other, no judgement, just love, and support and friendship. What a Great feeling not to feel like you always competing with other women you're just all one. Lots of fun, laughter, learning and sometimes tears. Women started sending Gail money so she would come and do another retreat in Alberta, some just from hearing about it. Well it's September 16, 07 and we just finished our second Alberta retreat and I cant believe it was even better and more powerful than the first one. The feelings are hard to describe. LIFE CHANGING..... You will never kbe the same when you leave - I can promise you that and you don't have to take my word for it just because she is my siter ask anyone who's ever gone to one of her retreats. There are no two alike. If you are looking for something positive for yourself - THIS IS IT..... Hope to see you at a retreat in the Future.... I am looking forward to June of 2008 when we get to play in Alberta again....or come to the West Coast sooner... Love and Wishes..... Lorie


For so long I've kept everything inside... I'm surrounded by crowds of people all day long, but there is never substance. This weekend's allowed me to start a new page, a page with openness, clarity and a new found freedom.... One freed by a wonderful group of women.... True definition of Sisterhood.... Thank you for that.... Anick


I feel a ton more grounded....something that I really needed, a Spiritual reading for the first time in my life, will really give me inspiration to come.... I feel a true kindness in my heart... a real bonding with everyone in the group.... AWESOME... is my reaction to this weekend..... Anonymous

After many years and much change I was finally able to reach into my heart and say Goodbye, I finally surrendered to the grief that I had been holding deep within. Realizing that I could finally fully move into true happiness with my new husband, family and perspective. I am free to be the person I've always know I could be. Thank you..... a heartfelt goodbye and thank you to those who presented my largest and most profound lessons... I know who I am Now.... Goodbye... I am with my Sisters in Light now.... Robin


A lot of Clarity.... A new Beginning ....looking forward to tapping into the wisdom of my spirit guides. The power of coming together as a group of powerful, loving, caring women.... Brigette


Oh Gail, I cannot even begin to describe how I feel about the weekend and the following week. The way everyone opened their hearts and homes to me was magical, I feel so very blessed to have met you all. I did not come back the same person that left. I so want to send my heartfelt love and gratitude to you Gail, for making me feel so very very welcome and safe. I grew up and have been around a lot of men, so going to spend the weekend with a group of goddess was very intimidating for me. All I can say is - why the heck haven't I done this sooner. I felt at home, surrounded by love and understanding, and you have truly brought out the goddess in me. And she is getting stronger every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And please send my thanks and gratitude to Bruce as well. What a gracious gentleman, he has given me new faith that maybe there is a partner out there for me, a soul mate. My hat's off to the both of you, I loved the picture that Viv showed me of your wedding. I can honestly say I don't think I've ever seen happier people, including me on my wedding days. Awesome stuff girl, you two deserve it. - Shirley


Thank you so much to all of you for what you did to make it a great weekend, whether it was to share a talent or teach us something you know and love, a heart to heart conversation, sharing a vulnerable side of yourself in the group, having fun with or planning and coordinating the whole thing as Gail did. And thanks Gail for inviting me to be a part of the weekend - it was a relaxing and stimulating weekend and a great reminder of our strengths as women. - Grace

I wish to thank you all for a wonderful weekend. This having been my first experience of this nature, I was quite impressed with the speakers, the performances, the food and the warm and loving women I had the pleasure of meeting. This was a new experience for me and I was not able to bond as well as I would like to have, but I did come away with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and a "felt sense" that given another opportunity, I will be able to put my fear aside and take that step forward that would allow me to get close to those around me. You are all a wonderful bunch of women, and I truly feel blessed that I was given the opportunity to meet you all. You are indeed Women Inspiring other Women, and despite my inability to approach you with more of the real "me", you did teach me something I will always cherish: that I'm as normal as the rest of you and there are really people out there who care enough to listen with empathy and compassion to others' in pain. It was a very enlightening weekend for me and I love you all. I hope we cross paths again!! Love, Karen H


Dear Gail, Thanks for a great, relaxing weekend. I am looking forward to seeing the photos. Keep on the great work! Carole C.


Thank you for creating such a wonderful, safe space....again. What an awesome weekend, watching the opening of hearts and minds, feeling the love, understanding and compassion grow, and grow and grow until we were all aglow on Sunday, even Denise. Although I cried thru most of the weekend, I had so much fun!!....and the women were incredible, every one with so much to share. I can hardly wait till September for the next one. Know how very special you are Gail, you are friendship, you are strength and you are power to women, you are source, you are love. I am still experiencing elation each time I listen to Marilyn's "Dear God", I am so moved by her and her music. - Vivien


What a totally awesome experience that I had. It did blow my mind that I enjoyed it so much. Such powerful and unique women- each so different but each the same - to find a reason for being. To allow ourselves to just be ourselves-it is okay. >From one goddess to another, Denise

You put on the most wonderful retreat. I feel rejuvenated and relaxed and privileged to have met such interesting and fabulous women. I've been sharing with my friends and I have someone for you to add to your mailing list who is interested in Women inspiring women: Love Barbara


I want to thank you, Gail, for the wonderful, nurturing, inspiring weekend and the opportunity to present Nia to the participants. Spending two days being in a family of women--that's what it felt like--allowed us all to give and receive; to play, laugh, cry and learn together. I so enJOYed the rural setting and the delicious food, as well. You create a space where women can be relaxed and be themselves; a space where women are drawn naturally towards their most fully-expressed selves. A few days after returning home I experienced a blissful, breakthrough day. So many tasks that had seemed difficult became easy to do! Please include me in your next Women Inspiring Women weekend; it is a gift to myself that empowers me towards my best life and allows me to rest gently in the company of women. - Karen Boissonneault


Dear Women of Inspiration,, I too would like to send my heart-felt gratitude to each and every one of you for your special role in co-creating such a rich, beautiful, and memorable weekend experience together!!! I felt that our retreat experience was filled with love, courage, acceptance, validation, power, vulnerability, healing, inspiration, growth, risk-taking, renewal, revitalization!! On both professional and personal fronts, I felt strongly rewarded, appreciated, and cherished for risk-taking, and sincerely appreciate the opportunity to give of my gifts and receive so, so much from you all! To be in a roomful of women of kindred spirits is for me, the most special gift of Self-Care! Special thanks to you, Gail, for creating the space for such sacred honouring!- Annik Moyal-Waldman


What a fabulous weekend! I really enjoyed it, and wanted to thank you again for the opportunity! - love and light, Deborah Redfern

I have taken Gail's Goddess Workshop at Camp Narnia and it was truly memorable. Gail is really open woman who creates fun and ease in her daily life. Her workshops are very nurturing, in a lovely setting, and this one looks especially juicy. I hope I can go! - Love Lisa


I think the weekend was fabulous and I really enjoyed the topics and the presenters and participants. You are doing a fabulous job, well done.Thanks a million for being you and creating your Wisdom Within Workshops and Retreats. You are awesome! - Jill


I wanted to drop a line and say thank you again for the great weekend we just had at Camp Narnia! I am so glad I decided to go! I hope to see you soon at another retreat. I definitely want to stay on track, and I think more weekends like this one will help me do it! Hope to hear from you soon......Angie


I just finished unpacking from the weekend...thank you, thank you, thank you!! It couldn't have been more perfect...I got all my needs, and more met..... I love you! Ginnie xxxooo

I have mentioned to some of you about the fabulous Women's Weekend Retreat I went on in March. It was so much fun, so amazing - I found my happiness again!!!! One of my closest and best friends Gail Hull is the organizer of Wisdom Within. She puts on these amazing womens' retreats. Below is her web page, please check it out!!!! Every women I know should do one of these weekends even if is just to get away and have time for yourself. That was my foremost goal - to get out of the house away from children for a little bit and I came back home in love with my family again. Just to have "me" time and breathe fresh air - uninterrupted, wow!! If any of you, my Guiding friends and long time friends, have the opportunity to go on one of Gail's retreats, you will never regret doing it and wished you had done one sooner. Wishing you all the best, Cheers, Laura


I had a super time at the retreat Gail. It was the perfect venue for me to connect with other business women like yourself who are working hard to make our goals and aspirations a reality!
I also very much enjoyed the opportunity to do some massage on some of the women and give a short communication workshop. I felt well recieved by the participants... I thought the weekend was very special in a number of ways. Thank-you Jan Hull


Thank you Gail for including me in your retreat. I had such a great time! The intimacy and safe space you created for the women to connect, be themselves and learn was magical! I have been sharing this with lots of women and am looking forward to coming back again!

Johanna Hestler

I had a great time at the March "Women Inspiring Women" retreat. Being surrounded by women of integrity and truth allowed me to speak my truth in an atmosphere of trust and openness. The Hazardinia experience brought out the best in all of the members of the group I was in; co-operation, leadership, consideration and team work. The food was fresh and scrumptous and made me feel pampered! What more could a girl want? Ronaye Tanner


It's actually very difficult to choose one favorite part of the retreat as I really loved it all. It's been years since I've been at a women only retreat and I loved how good it felt to reconnect with the feminine side of life. ... I thoroughly enjoyed all of the speakers and learned something worthwhile and of value from each one of them. ... I really do want to acknowledge you Gail for the quality of the retreat, the way you've designed the activities ... Thank you for orchestrating such a fun-filled timeout from a busy life for me. I feel good inside every time I think about the weekend. My pictures are in getting developed and I can't wait to see them! Linda Storey